As of the Spring Semester of 1972 came to a close the Campus Bus Service (CBS) realized that their service was soon going to exceed their fleet capability. In addition to their aging fleet of TDH4512's, CBS had been renting 4 other buses from local transit systems for the last 3 years. The decision had been made to purchase new buses. This was going to be their single largest fleet purchase since the original buses were purchased at the inception of CBS. An order was placed in the summer of 1972 with GMC for 8 new T6H4523A coaches. By the end of the year, CBS took delivery of all 8 buses with their initial entry into service beginning with the Spring Semester of 1973. This order became known as the 60 Series with the unit numbers ranging from 6138 to 6838.

Unit Number Breakdown
       6 = Sixth fleet
       4 = Fourth bus in purchase
       38 =Seats 38 passengers

The 60 Series remained in operation until the mid-80's when they were all removed from service to be refurbished. The only exceptions to this was Unit 6338, which was on loan to Flxible for an evaluation program they were running, and unit 6638. In refurbishment, the 60 Series were given cloth seats and fabric wall coverings, an electrically controlled air actuated shifter for the transmission, a Firestone Safety Bumper to replace the water bumper and a new paint job. The original all blue livery was replaced with a black over gray coloring.

A young unit 6438 in original CBS blue livery. 6438 as it is today in the newer CBS black on gray livery.  This is the paint scheme currently used by CBS.

Unit 64 remained in service uneventfully through out the 1970's, 80's, 90's and into the 00's. The 60 Series started to be phased out in 2002 as the age of the fleet and American Disabilities Act requirements for a wheelchair lift became too costly. Unit 64 would be removed from service and taken to a be "scrapped" in August of 2002. Getting rid of units 6238, 6438, 6538 and 6838 meant only 6138 and 6738 remained from the 60 series. As the 2002 Fall Semester approached, CBS decided to use unit 6138 as the body for the upcoming Homecoming float. Unit 61 had the roof cut off as a part of the float design. Unit 6738 was now the last 35' GMC bus at CBS with the 40' Unit 3741 being the only other GMC bus left.

Unit 64 sat at the scrapyard for the next 7 months. Bill and I made frequent trips to get parts from the old buses for units 6738 and 3741. After conversations with the CBS mechanics, we learned that unit 64 was still in operable condition when it was dropped off. Knowing that, on March 20, 2003, Bill and I set out to see if we could get unit 6438 running. We were able to start 64 after all of those months. Then on May 16, 2003, with the help of a couple of our friends from CBS, Bill and I were able to get 6438 running again, and drove it, with absolutely no problems, to it's new home. 64 is now part of our Campus Bus Service Coaches collection.

Todd by Unit 6438 after picking it up from the junkyard.