Unit 6438 in downtown Kent headed to it's new home.  Unit 2345 is close behind!

May 16th, 2003

Todd and Unit 6438.  Click to enlarge image.

Today was the day. Bill and I, along with a couple of friends from Campus Bus Service, headed to the junkyard to pick up a scrapped, but still operational, unit 6438. Bill and I knew the bus would start and go into gear, but the mechanics from CBS were gracious enough to come along and help pull 64 out of the mud, and also serve as a chase vehicle just in case 64 decided it didn't want to make the entire trip.

Luckily, we had no such problems. Not only did 64 make it back to the CBS garage, but it seemed to run really well (with the exception of power steering due to a pump leak). The engine ran smoothly, and the transmission shifted well. 64 made it to it's new home with no problems.