The Squawk List documents all the known repairs, replacements and corrections needed for Unit 3741.

  • All seats need steam cleaned due to mold growth.
  • One rear seat has wrong type of covering. Used as replacement.
  • Graffiti on back of seats and wheel wells.
  • Missing one locking latch for front destinantion sign.
  • Front dome light loose from ceiling. Needs screws replaced.
  • Builder plate on access door incorrect, is for T6H-5305A. Mistake probably made at time of remanufacture.

  • Rear run start switches are inoperative.
  • Speedometer malfunctions occasionally.
  • Original horn is inoperative. It has been rewired to backup button mounted on dash.
  • Coach not getting power. Nothing electrical operating.

  • No known problems.

  • Recap tires need replaced.
  • Air conditioning does not work.