Unit 3738 (as it was then known) was purchased in December of 1969, along with two other 40 foot transit coaches, units 3538 and 3638. These three units were part of the original "new" bus purchases for Campus Bus Service (the "Old Looks", including unit 23, were purchased from other transit agencies).
Units 35, 36 and 37 (as CBS referred to them) were the only 40 foot transit "New Looks" ever owned by Kent State. CBS owned one other 40 foot "New Look", but that was suburban unit 5349.

Unit 3738 was only 6 months old when it was used to transport students from campus during the events of May 4, 1970. In fact, 37 would work hard for the next 17 years, well into the 1980's.

It wasn't until November 5, 1986, that 37 would be removed from service and parked behind the old CBS garage on St. Clair Avenue. 37 would then sit in that spot for the next three years, along side it's sister coaches 35 and 36, where it would be severely damaged by vandalism. This seemed like the end of the line for all three GMC T8H-5306A's.

For some reason, CBS held on to the three frames of former buses. Then, in 1989, the KSU Nursing Department went to CBS to discuss the purchase of Over-the-Road buses to transport nursing students to and from clinicals in Cleveland. Not knowing the cost of new bus purchases, it was determined that new buses would be too expensive. So CBS presented an alternative: the Nursing Department could pay to have 3538, 3638, and 3738 refurbished for far less than the cost of a new coach. The Nursing Department agreed, and off went the three buses to be remanufactured. It was decided that two buses would have the rear doors removed and they would be made into more of a suburban coach. That was the fate for 35 and 36. 37 was the one that got to remain a transit coach with both front and rear doors, one that CBS could use on campus for heavy load routes like the "Campus Loop", but had the power of a 8V71 engine with a highway VS2-8 transmission for easy trips to Cleveland when needed.

A newly refurbished 3741 on one of it's first routes.  Bus behind is newly refurbished 3646.

The Nursing Department now had 3 "new" buses to use for transport to and from Cleveland, and CBS had 2 "new" suburban coaches to use for charters, which were merely transit coaches with the rear doors removed.

So, when 3738 came back, why was it now 3741? Well, the CBS numbering system works like this:

Unit Number Breakdown
       3 = Third fleet purchase
       7 = Seventh bus in purchase
       38 = Seats 38 passengers

When 37 came back, it was now configured with 41 total seats, so it became 3741. The same is true with 3538 and 3638. After being refurbished, they each came back with 46 seats in their new suburban configuration. They were known from that point on as 3546 and 3646. This is also why CBS refers to a buses unit number as only the first two numbers (i.e. unit 3741 is commonly called unit 37), because the last two numbers merely refer to seating capacity.

Unit 37, after it came back in late 1989, would be used regularly on route for the next 13 years, until it was finally pulled from service for good in November of 2002. It was at that time that Unit 3741 was privately purchased for preservation as a Kent State University Campus Bus Service coach.

A last glimpse of 3741 at CBS just after being pulled from regular service for good.