Unit 2345 begans it's career as Unit 4522 when it was purchased as part of an 8 coach order by the City of Santa Monica. Delivery took place on July 27th, 1956 and the Santa Monica Municipal Bus Lines began operating it on route soon there after. The next landmark in coach TDH4512-1674's history was it's appearance in the 1967 movie "The Graduate" staring Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft.

A sidenote of this bus and its role in "The Graduate" is the driver of the bus in the movie, Mr. Marshall Kauffman. He took the job of driving the bus for the upcoming movie without being aware that he would end up being prominently visable in the final scene of the movie.

Soon after the filming and a little over 10 years in service, Santa Monica sold Unit 4522 and its sister coaches.

The Campus Bus Service came into the picture in 1967 went it purchased its second group of buses for the expanding new service on and around the Kent State University campus. In addition to Unit 4522, CBS purchased 4 other buses originally operated by Santa Monica. Once in the hands of CBS, Unit 4522 became Unit 2345.

Unit Number Breakdown
       2 = Second fleet purchase
       3 = Third bus in purchase
       45 = Seats 45 passengers

At the time of purchase, CBS was unaware that Unit 2345's history included its appearance in a movie. Years later the General Manager, Joesph Fiala, discovered that the bus seen in the "The Graduate" was in the fleet of buses purchased from Santa Monica. Upon research he discovered that the bus now painted as Unit 2345 was the particular bus used in the movie. It was at some point soon after that that Unit 2345 was painted in it's white livery to seperate it from the other buses in the CBS fleet. From this point on, Unit 2345 was affectionately called "The Graduate" by not only the CBS employees but by the those at Kent State and the passengers that road her.

Unit 2345 continued to be used in daily service until the early 1980's when it and the other TDH4512's were phased out due to the success of the newer T6H4523A's bought by CBS and that they have had over 20 years of operation on their frames. Even though her sister coaches were sold for scrap, Unit 2345 was still maintained and saw occasional service in local parades and on-campus service. The annual Balloon Fair Parade in Ravenna, OH and Kent State Homecoming Parade were 2 annual parades where locals and bus fans could see Unit 2345 make an appearance. The students and faculty at Kent State were usually treated to service provided by Unit 2345 on the first day of class in the Fall Semester as it operated on the Campus Loop route.

As the mid 90's approached, Unit 2345's appearances became less frequent and it spent most of it's time sitting behind the Fiala Transportation Center garage. Frequently CBS received interest from bus fans and at one point from the City of Santa Monica about aquiring Unit 2345. CBS wasn't interested in parting with such a historic piece of it's own history as well as movie history. Well times change as do State budgets so as the year 2002 came to a close, CBS decided to part with Unit 2345.

In December of 2002, Unit 2345 was put up for auction on eBay. Several months later on May 16th 2003, I took delivery of Unit 2345 and it left it's previous owner of the last 35 years.