What is the connection between Jim Lehrer and Unit 2345?
by Bill Schloman

In August 2003 a friend of the family showed up at the door with a present for me. It seems she had been at an estate sale of a Mrs. Elaine Ketter and came across an item she knew I would be interested in. Hanging on the wall was a framed collage that had a picture of a white GM Old Look with the words Kent State University on the side.

There are 5 pictures in the frame. Two of are of Unit 2345, 2 of Jim Lehrer and Elaine Ketter sitting on the rear seat of the bus and one of Mr. Lehrer at an Akron Round Table function. as well as 2 letters.

The first letter is on Channel 45/49 letterhead, the Kent, Ohio PBS stations and gives a brief history of the events. In brief, Jim Lehrer was in town for the speaking engagement with the Akron Round Table and Channel 45/49 made arrangements for him to ride on Unit 2345, "The Graduate." Elaine Ketter was a major supporter of the MacNeil/Lehrer Newshour program for the stations and was made part of the bus events for the day.

The last piece of paper is a hand written note from Jim Lehrer to Elaine Ketter thanking her for her participation in the event.

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