Could this be the wrong bus?

My first stop was to ask if any of the mechanics knew anything about it. Only a few remain that worked at anytime close to the retirement of the GMC Old Looks nearly 2 decades before. Luckily one mechanic had a piece of information regarding the Unit 23 mystery. It was his recollection that at the time when the Old Looks were being retired that the General Manager at the time, Joe Fiala, knew the importance of keeping a bus with the history of Unit 23 but did care for that particular bus. Unit 23 was a maintenance hog and wasn’t particularly reliable compared to its sister coaches. So it was believed that Joe Fiala made the decision to scrap Unit 23 but replace it with one of its sister coaches and deem it to be “The Graduate.” Since Unit 23 has spent most of it’s career as a white bus rather than in CBS livery it would be nearly impossible to tell what unit number it originally wore.

Could this be true? Could the bus parked out back that had been call “The Graduate” for so many years really be an imposter?

Well, it wasn’t exactly first hand knowledge but it sounded like a distinct possibility so I had to consider it. The first question to answer is, what bus WAS used in the movie?

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