Was this bus used in "The Graduate"?
by Bill Schloman

Here’s the story of my search to find out if this bus is a movie star.

The search began after taking pictures of CBS buses at the FTC garage one day. In addition to capturing images of the current fleet I made sure to include the relics parked out back. Among those buses was Unit 2345, which is also known as “The Graduate” in reference to its role in the movie by the same name. Knowing that Unit 23 (CBS refers to buses in its fleet by the first 2 numbers of the unit number) would be leaving in the near future after it was sold I made sure to closely document the many aspects of the bus. One key bit of information I wanted to capture was the builder plate that shows the bus serial number.

Upon returning home I began sorting through the pictures I had taken as well as updating the bus serial numbers for the fleet with those that I had gathered. From previous records from my employment in the early 90’s I already knew the serial number for Unit 23 but I didn’t know those of the recent Gillig purchase. I cross-referenced the buses I saw that day with those on a master list I had to make sure everything matched up. As I scanned down through my list one number jumped out at me and that was of Unit 23. It was a well documented fact that Unit 23 was TDH4512-1674 but that isn’t what was in the picture I had taken that day of the builder plate. The builder plate showed TDH4512-1675, which was the serial number for Unit 2445.

Was this the correct builder plate meaning that CBS got rid of the wrong bus years ago?

Was it the incorrect builder plate but the right bus?

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