still by Bill Schloman

After completing our ride of the West Main route the South Water was next on our itinerary. Unlike the routes that we drove the West Main and South Water are 2 seperate routes/blocks. No longer does the inbound West Main switch to the South Water route off campus and continue on to the Gold Cirlce/Hills/Tops layover. The change to this route layout was done a few years ago. The South Water today was assigned Unit 6639 and operated by Julie. Not only was this the last day for the off-campus routes but it was the last day for Julie at CBS.

Here Julie is taking us down Summit Street towards South Water Street and Todd is still having a good time.

The layover on the South Water is now at the Topps Supermarket strip mall. This originally use to be a Clarkins then became a Gold Circle followed by Hills depending on what years you worked at CBS. Here are pictures of Unit 66 on the layover.

Here's a look back at the University Plaza on South Water Street as we made our way back to campus.

The water towers have been repainted all white and sport the KSU athletic logos. Here's a picture out the window as we climb the Summit Road hill on campus. The second picture is of us passing the bus stop by Satterfield Hall.

Unit 66 upon our return to the Student Center with Unit 6339 parked behind it. Unit 6339 is assigned the East Main route as you can see the destination shows Walmart on the luminator.

That was it for us on August 22nd. Originally we were both hoping that we could ride the last West Main or South Water and end up back at the garage but my schedule required me to be in Toledo in the late afternoon so we had to settle with our morning trips. In additional to the end of the West Main and South Water the East Main route was also canceled. Because of time restrains we sacraficed riding that particular route to ride the West Main and South Water. Since of the 3 routes the East Main did the least amount of off campus driving we felt that it would be the smallest loss to not ride. No matter, it brought back a lot of great memories to ride the buses for a few hours. It was strange to see that all the CBS bus stop signs had already been removed and replaced with PARTA signs. After almost 30 years of providing outstanding service to the Kent and Stow communities State of Ohio education budget cuts forced Kent State to stop all off-campus routes. It's sad to see the end of the era.

Thanks to our drivers Jim and Julie for putting up with our picture taking and conversations. Congradulations to Julie for graduating from Kent State and a successful stint as a driver and supervisor at CBS.