by Bill Schloman

August 22nd, 2003 was the last day for the off campus routes for the Campus Bus Service. In the last few years CBS had stopped running both the North Kent and Ravenna routes with the Ravenna route being taken over by PARTA. On August 22nd the East Main, West Main and South Water routes were soon to join those routes in CBS history. The areas served by these routes will still have service provided by PARTA as well as Akron Metro but it won't be the same to see CBS without an off-campus route. Todd and I decided we couldn't let the big day pass without taking one last ride on the West Main and South Water routes. Here is a collection of thoughts and pictures from the day.

Our first route was the West Main which had Unit 9435 assigned to the block we were going to ride and was operated by Jim. Todd and I had the choice of Unit 94 or one of the more recently purchased ex-Austin buses but we felt that Unit 94 would be a better way to ride out the last West Main with one of the last new buses every purchased by CBS. So here is Unit 94 at the Student Center and some candid picutures of Todd and I on our journey.

Here's Todd with the railroad crossing on Main Street near the intersection with Haymaker Parkway in the background. Yes, he really is having a good time.

I was pretty lax with taking pictures on the outbound trip. The first picture was taken approaching Route 43 on Main Street. The next picture is a quick shot out the window as we swing by the KSU airport. The next few are at the layover point at the Giant Eagle/Target strip mall. No longer was the layover at the O'Neils/May Company/Kaufmans store, but at the more recently build strip mall that's a bit closer to the KSU airport.

We didn't plan the trip that we took but it turned out that this West Main made the round through Silver Meadows (or for some Silver Ghettos). Here's a last parting shot of the gorgeous housing in the Meadows.

Here is the old railroad station at the same railroad crossing on Main Street that I had taken a picture of Todd at on the way out. The second picture is of the outbound West Main as it passed us on Main Street on our return to downtown.

Soon we were back into downtown Kent as is seen in these pictures as we cross the bridge over the Cuyahoga River. The Mill can be seen behind Todd and the Pufferbelly Resturant is the center piece of the second picture. The railroad cars were there for an upcoming railroad excursion in the follow weeks.

Here are two pictures out the right window looking towards The Loft and Franklin Square Deli. Notice that the CBS bus stop signs are already missing from the pole.

This last picture was taken of the inside of Unit 94 along the route somewhere but I can't quite remember what area it was taken.