September 17th, 2004   It's been a while since we've updated our welcome message but it's been a busy summer for us. Some progress has been made with uploading a few pictures that we scanned from the CBS collection earlier this year as well as adding pictures that we took ourselves before CBS closed its doors. It's a slow process and we still have another 125 pictures ready to be uploaded. We're also working on adding data blocks to each picture with brief discriptions. So even though you might not see new pictures appearing we're still adding captions to those already on our website. I would say we have roughly half of the bus pages finished with the captions.

Part of the process of shutting down the CBS operation was to make sure that everything was properly removed from the FTC offices. With our help all the records, pictures and a few artifacts covering the 37 year history of CBS was transfered to the Kent State University Department of Special Collections/Archives which is located on the top floor of the KSU Library. From now on they will be the keepers of the CBS legacy. We've taken it upon ourselves to help them sort through the boxes of papers and pictures they've have donated to them. Not only are we helping them but they've been helping us as well. We've found more pictures among the CBS donated records as well as had the opportunity to look through items that Special Collections already had on file for the Campus Bus Service. The plan is to spend a day or two and scan a good number of pictures we found in those boxes, there are some real interesting photos there.

Just when we thought our CBS purchases were done, Todd and I scored one last piece of equipment from FTC. This last item comes in the form of a 40' semi trailer that was used as storage container for bus parts by CBS. Some of you might remember there being 2 trailers parked behind FTC next to the maintenance garage, well we now are the proud owners of one of those trailers. Actually this trailer will come in quite handy for storing our numerous bus parts that we received from CBS over the last year. We've been using Unit 64 as a temporary storage place for numerous brake pads, pieces of window glass, airbags, etc. Now we'll be able to move these parts out of there as well as clean out our own residences of bus parts and CBS artifacts and store them in the trailer.

A few weeks ago both trailers were removed from the FTC grounds to their new home. The second trailer was purchased by the same nice folks who give our buses a place to rest which is why the above picture shows both trailers together. Soon the process of putting some shelving in our trailer will begin as well as moving all our junk inside. Some of the hardest items to move will be the 3 GMC transmissions CBS gave us that are now being stored outside wrapped in plastic. They are rather heavy as you can imagine.

Other than the CBS open house our buses haven't got much use this summer but we still have one last even coming up. In early October, Unit 67 and 64 will be used to give tours of Lakeside Sand and Gravel as part of their 50 year anniversary. Unit 67 was used for a smaller event at Lakeside earlier this year but this one will have about 10 times the vistors so we're going to fire up another bus to keep the show moving along. It should be a great time and the buses are always a hit with everyone who sees them.

Thanks for visiting our website.

Bill and Todd

Webmasters and CBS Alumni